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Thread: PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

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    PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

    Well, I'm sure it'll either go here or PSP Saves, so, move if necessary.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaX's Blog
    Some odd news have reached my knowledge, about Datel's Action Replay, keep reading...
    Some of you might have noticed one of the newest stuff released by Datel, the "Action Replay" that allows you (on the PSP we'r talking about of course, i already know there is also a version for the Amiga for it, and of course this post isn't about that revision) to cheat and to use some "powersaves" within it's 64mb memory between other stuff, and all this for ~40USD.

    So, why would i or anyone care about this new release from Datel? Well, the point comes when you look onto how was it made.

    The following information it's confirmed and it has been studied, so let's hope this clears some doubts on this.

    * Datel' Action Replay does uses code that isn't from itself, code that isn't distributed to be used the way they use it anyway. The code involving this terms is, for first instance, the Pandora forged IPL block, and on second place but of course not less important, Booster's IPL SDK.


    * It has been confirmed that Datel' Action replay does interfere on the Custom Firmware code

    And also, less important but indeed interesting,

    * They use a bigger memory footprint due to the graphics involved in it, and it's interesting also to mention that they had a pretty small database, that being compared it to cwcheat one, this first one isn't even a database tbh.

    So, what's your choice? A stealing-code small device, or a Fresh homebrew development with a huge happy users history?

    Thanks to VoidPointer and Dark_AleX himself for the tip and confirming this :)

    ps. Btw, sorry for the low posts this days, too much work, and im pretty busy writing tutorials and optimizing the server ;) PSPWiki maintenance will be done sometime this week.


    Stupid me, I seemed to forget one thing on the video: How to put it to your PSP. Here's a pic.

    Select the save you want to put, and push that 'red' button.
    Hope it helped.
    Can be found at ISODiscussions:

    Also: This DOES work on Official Firmware, as well.
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    Re: PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

    The software you linked to may be considered illegal, therefore it has been provided over at ISODiscussions:

    Rules are HERE. They have been updated as of May 30th 2013 at 5:00 A.M.
    If you see a topic that a link is broken, the information is no longer correct, the content has been patched, or a rule is being broken please use the button. Thanks.

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    Re: PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

    Oh, I didn't know this. Thanks, Johnny.

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    PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

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    Re: PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

    sweet thanks dude
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    PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

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    Re: PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

    that video got me dizzy...........:blink:

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    PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

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    Re: PSP Action Replay **Saves Only**

    Wacky vid o.o Try to reduce Dizzyness. O.o

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