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Thread: Learn how to Downgrade and install NitePR:Full Tutorial

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    Learn how to Downgrade and install NitePR:Full Tutorial

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    Learn how to Downgrade and install NitePR:Full Tutorial

    This is my full tutorial on downgrading and installing nitePR onto your psp.

    First:Make your pandoras

    \/Phat,Pop the red pin\/

    \/Slim,Cut the PCB Line\/

    Once you've done that,your going to need to make your Magic Memory Stick

    Make sure to back up all your files on your computer,you will be formating your memory stick twice!

    Extract all the files from the rar archrive with winRAR or winZIP

    Double click on the file BEGIN

    It will open up your Command Prompt

    Plug in your USB when it tells you to

    it will then ask you for your removable drive letter

    Mines is F

    Go to your computer>And it will say removable disk (F: )

    Type your drive letter in,Hit Enter

    Then it will say we will be formating your memory stick,Continue?

    make sure all your files are back up on your Computer then Hit Y>Enter

    just keep following the instructions,and it will say at the end,in a green screen you have created your mms or in a red screen your mms has not been created

    Then take your memory stick,and turn your psp off

    Put the MMS back in and then put your PSP Battery in

    It will open a black screen with WHite words,simply hit the X Button

    Now let the pandora battery and your MMS do its thing

    Once done your psp will shut off,turn it back on without the MMS in

    Once on,go to system>Format Memory Stick

    Replace all your file back onto your PSP

    Now your going to want to upgrade to a higher CFW,i would recomend 4.01 M33-2 Simply cause its my favorite,but you can upgrade to what ever you want to

    Then go plug in your USB and open up on ur Computer

    open files to view

    Now download NitePR Here and open up files>All other firmwares and drag the file called seplugins onto your PSP

    Your going to want to Open seplugins>NitePR>And Click on the UCUS-98654 and Your going to want to update that Socom FTB2 Archive Here

    if you dont play FTB2 you can just get rid of those two .txt document*I do not know what the first one is,if you want to know ask JohnnyMcKinney*

    then take the Docs folder and drag that into seplugins as well,and also the NitePR.exe*NitePR ED To change make adress,key combos,etc.*

    Then exit Usb

    Turn your psp off,and then turn it back on holding the R Button

    You are now in recovery

    go to Plugins,and go to NitePR and hit X,it is now enabled

    start up socom*Or whatever game you have* and it will say Tap home twice and then hit +&-

    Tap home twice to turn nitePR,then hit your +&- Buttons to open it up

    You Have to Hit the music note atleast once to activate nitePR

    that is all you need to know

    If your psp is bricked in the downgrading process,i take no responibiliy

    Rep+ If this helped
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    Re: Complete Hacking Tutorial

    THIS is what i did but i got my tutorial form youtube =]

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    Re: Complete Hacking Tutorial

    Nice tut but i bought a LSD battery for 10$ xD
    should be named
    tutorial on downgrading and installing nitePR
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